You can now play Fortnite on Android, even on non-Samsung devices
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Now the wait is over, as Epic Games confirms that other device users would be able to play Fortnite. Last week, the company announced Fortnite for Android but was exclusively for Samsung users only. But now the beta version is starting to roll out to other non-Samsung users as well.

According to AndroidAuthority, before signing up to the fun you first need to sign up for the wait list. The Fortnite game is still in beta version for the Android and the company is still not prepared to handle a large number of Android players. The wait list is a way to control the number of users flooding in to play the game while Epic Games finish removing few bugs in it.

The list of other devices that can support Fortnite is also limited to a few models of Google Pixel, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia and many more.

If you are keen to play the game you may sign up here at Epic Game’s website. Once you sign up you’ll have to wait for the access from the company before you could actually download and start playing the game on your device. Unlike other games, you can not download it from the Google Play store you can only download Fortnite from Epic Games website itself. Once the users get the grant to play, it needs to download the Fortnite launcher first, then after that, it can download the 1.88GB game. Users will receive a mail when the slot gets vacant for them.

Epic Games is slowly rolling out to all users, so get into the queue asap.


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