WhatsApp is a widely popular messaging service co-owned by Facebook. The app is going smoothly for a long time with over 1.5 billion users all over the world and over 200 million users in India.

Though Whatsapp is regularly in the news for its updates, this time WhatsApp is in the news for a completely different reason. The messaging service has appointed a complaint officer for India while pressuring on flag alarms and complaints that also include the fake rumors that spread across Whatsapp all the time.

The grievance officer, Komal Lahiri was appointed last month and she will be operating in the US, according to reports. Appointing a complaint officer has been in demand of the Indian government to combat the fake rumors that spread easily over the app.

As per the reports by the social media website, anyone can contact the complaint officer via an email provided and they can sign it through an electronic signature. They are also free to send their queries through postal services.

“If you’re contacting us about a specific account, please include your phone number in full international format, including the country code.”

Also, you can register your complaints or concerns through WhatsApp’s terms of service and queries related to other user accounts. According to the website, “If you’re a law enforcement official, please read our information for law enforcement authorities and how you can contact us.”

The progress of this impactful decision comes at the right time as this was the high time the government and the social media giant had to make sure that they had all the right methods to trace and catch the exact originator of fake messages and rumors.

After WhatsApp mentioned that it is quite impossible to trace the exact origin of a fake message on the given platform, taking the privacy policies into their account, the government decided not to waste any more time into tracing and let the “technical innovation” from the company to ensure that the issue will be taken care of.

Reportedly, after writing twice to the messaging app and concerning about a plan to overcome this issue with effective solutions, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had a meeting with the CEO of WhatsApp, Chris Daniels last month. Apparently, he made a formal request about doing something regarding the tracing of the origins of fake messages and rumors. He even proposed that they could designate a local authority and appoint a complaint officer to look into the matter and address people’s complaints in order to hold back the spread of fake messages over Whatsapp.

WhatsApp has been running user enlightenment campaigns in India, resulting in the restrictions of sending forward messages to 5 a day in order to fight mass spamming.

Also, they have already disabled the quick forward button right next to media messages. The 3rd of July marked the coming out of a brand new feature that clearly marks the “forwarded” messages.

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