Buying a new laptop for yourself is quite an experience when you know the market has so much to offer and you are not sure what do you actually want. It’s not an easy decision making process. It requires a lot of time and effort to find that one thing. And if you already have an old laptop that once used to be great but now doesn’t work, the complications arise even more. It is obvious that you are attached to your old laptop but that doesn’t work anymore. So now you know it’s time to buy a new one. And when you finally decide you have to have a brand new laptop that fulfils all your requirements, you open a hellfire on questions like the price tags, styles, features, brands, specifications, and so many more options.

And the worst part is, laptops are pricy.

Generally, a lot of people get fascinated by the idea of a brand new laptop and this is the second worst part. You search the market, get enticed by the salesmen as they flaunt about the product and you buy it, even though it doesn’t have the feature you were looking for or it is too pricy for the features you’ve got.

Now the question here is that how would you find out the perfect laptop of your choice at the best price given? Read further.

Be specific about your requirements

While visiting a market full of gadgets, one is most likely to get swayed. But you need to make a clear list of your requirements in a laptop. There are brands everywhere, from Apple to Asus. One may give you the largest memory, but the other one has a great battery backup.

All you need to do is to look for yourself. Some laptops come with really needless features, making it expensive. It won’t be a smart choice to go and pay a huge amount for something you don’t need. A good laptop would have specifications like larger memory and SD card slots if you are a gamer, a lightweight body and good battery life if you are a traveler, and graphic cards if you are a photographer.

Just remember that the more useless features a laptop has, the more it will cost you. If you want a laptop for your casual needs, a worthy laptop with useful functions would go merry.

Look for a refurbished laptop

There is a misconception that a revamped laptop is not worth buying. But that’s not true. In most cases, refurbished items are returned to the stores for a refund and the reason could be anything such as the buyer doesn’t need the product anymore or they might have bought it mistakenly.

Refurbished products come with a warranty as well and the manufacturers make sure that the laptops pass every test procedure to be eligible for selling purpose. Even Apple sells refurbished MacBooks and they are just like the new laptop, with lesser price.

Purchase an older laptop

There are new laptops and there are old laptops. New laptops come with larger memory, all new specifications, enhanced performances, but it doesn’t happen all the time that we get a better laptop which is new.

Sometimes there are just a few little changes from the previous generation but the price reaches the sky. For the older laptops, retailers get their prices low for a quick sale. There is no difference between an old and a new laptop but their price. 


RAM is a hardware installed inside a computer to function as the memory. A laptop will function more and better if the RAM is greater. Higher the RAM, greater is the price.

But you can upgrade your laptop’s model and enhance its performance. Though this works with a few laptops only, i.e., if their memory isn’t fixed. Thus, you may look for a laptop whose memory you can upgrade. 

Look for sales and discounts

Generally festive times come up with huge sales and discounts in the market, which is why this time is the best time to buy your favorite laptop in your budget. Stay alert on the updates by the manufacturers and keep on checking the price of the product and the previous product by the same company. There will be a huge difference in the price. The year end also gives you sales and discounts on different products in the market. 

Cheaper Laptops

We all want a better laptop at evenhanded price but dismiss cheaper laptops due to a notion that they might not be as good as the expensive one. But you can save a lot of money by purchasing a cheaper laptop with every useful function that you want as cheaper laptops are better and available at a reasonable price.

For instance, take Chromebook which is a great laptop for a casual function. The product come with an average RAM, great storage and battery life, and much more. But the only thing is, it isn’t pricy. 

Try other sellers

If you buy a product directly from the manufacturer, it is very obvious that it will cost you higher. It would be better to take a look at other retailers selling the same product at fairly low price. For example, if you are buying something online, every retailer will give you a different price for an item. They also let you compare their products online. It would be wise to heed to their reviews and act accordingly.

Extended guarantee

Every good laptop comes with a warranty of at least a year. If the retailer offers you a guarantee of over a year, that’s a strict sign that you don’t want to buy that. These extended guarantees add 15 percent to the total price of a laptop. A year of warranty is enough for you to choose. These offers are enough to lure the customers, even though the user won’t need them.

To conclude, it is way too mandatory to read the reviews of the product you tend to buy and look out for a retailer that is offering you the best price for a laptop. 

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