Facebook has been reportedly developing something very similar to an Echo Show or smart display. However, since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the plan of getting a smart display was put on a halt. But it is safe to say that we can expect Facebook to launch the smart display device this week.

The device named ‘Portal’ will detect the user by just using facial recognition. If we believe the leaks, the new feature will be strongly joined with Facebook Messenger, with video calling being the primary feature. According to Cheddar reports, the device will also have Alexa and Facebook has already disclosed it to a few retailers.

We expect the device to arrive in two screen sizes with prices being $400 for one and $300 for the other one.

Due to some privacy scandals in the past, the Company has made a few recent changes to Portal. These changes include a privacy shutter which will be added to the front camera.
It will be exciting to see if Facebook would manage to successfully do a great business here, especially after the major concern of the users is the privacy and security which has been repeatedly infringed in the past.

SOURCEAndroid Police
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