Shark Navigator Professional Lift 2018 (Detailed Guide)
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When you consider buying a vacuum cleaner based on sound product specifications, lower purchasing cost and good customer reviews, the first name that comes to your mind is that of the Shark. The one thing that sets Shark vacuum cleaners apart from their contemporary rivals is the manner in which they are being advertised as well as marketed. For the last few decades, the Shark manufacturers have been relying more on word-of-mouth publicity than anything else in selling their products, and they have built a company reputation in this very way only.

In other words, the fame of Shark vacuum is passed down from one user to the next through the recommendation process alone. No wonder the company generates abundant revenue in the market.


The latest and highly popular model which is demand right now is the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away vacuum cleaner – Model NV356E. Let’s have a closer look at the Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away and find out all that is there about- the good as well as the bad.

It is a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

We will start with the basic most need of a good vacuum cleaner: the flooring. If you have hard flooring at home, you know what can happen if you choose the wrong cleaner for your regular usage. Most of us have had the bitter but inevitable experience of getting the hardwood flooring scratched. The designers’ team at Shark Company probably understands this too well and that is why major Shark vacuums are designed to work properly on hard floors.

Design & Features

To add another feather in their cap, the NV356E comes with an extra micro-fiber pad. It is known to any vacuum cleaner user that strong suction power alone is powerful enough to collect most waste particles that are visible to the naked eyes, but not when it comes to finer debris and assorted waste materials. This is the very reason why after vacuuming is complete, some people with low dust tolerance level would still need to run the floor with a wet cloth. You hardly need any explanation to describe how annoying it is if you have to mop every time you use your vacuum cleaner.

The basic mechanism to have the micro-fiber pad attached to the NV356E is a small but praiseworthy innovation that should be highly appreciated. The official marketing slogan sums it up as: “It will leave your bare floors so clean, your white socks will stay white and you’ll never want to use a broom or dry mop again”.

The Shark NV356E has a unique design that allows you to detach the cleaning head and vacuum motor, from the main canister itself. It has a long cleaning host and special attachment available with it. The lift-up removal design is developed to allow the cleaning of difficult to reach areas, like the ceilings and tight spaces that are common in most parts of your home, including the living room.

Shark vacuum users’ feedback also reports that customers love the pivot steering which comes with the Shark Lift-Away vacuum. The lightweight machine can be easily steered with a single twist of the wrist to make it move in a curved path for cleaning in and around furniture and other assorted objects.

Users have reported that this gadget is very adept at pulling up pet hairs. Even the long hair from certain breeds do not pose any particular problem for this machine. Whereas other machines go haywire while picking up pet hair, this one sucks them out and puts them neatly into the bin for later disposal.

Shark Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Users have highly praised the easy removal and emptying process of the dustbin. You don’t have to buy any separate bags and a special filter has been designed to capture dirt and keep it out of the air. The bins are hardy and very easy to use. The filters are washable, so they can be easily rinsed when they become covered with soot and dust particles.

It was designed and engineered to be used on carpets and bare floorings. The Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Pro is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner. To mention some of its notable features would include, a HEPA filter equipped with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, (designed to remove any allergen particles), portable nature (13.7 lbs/6.21 kgs), Brushroll Shutoff,  an axial steering and an extra-large dust cup.


The Lift-Away Professional NV356e is a very high performance 1100 Watts capacity vacuum that is best suited for hard floors as well as for carpets. The cyclonic design with ‘no lose’ suction, guarantees that the dirt and dust sucked up are kept in a state of constant motion instead of being thrown directly into the special filters. With the filter having less dirt blocking it, the suctioning capacity remains at optimum level from beginning to the end.

The extra-large dust cup attached to it is completely sealed off to make the air sucked in go into the HEPA filter only. This ensures that maximum dirt stays inside the vacuum along with almost all the allergens, thus making it one of the best cleaners to have for tackling the problem of littered pet hair.

While the standard white-colored vacuum looks like any other ordinary model, this specific Shark set has been crafted to boast a lift-away function enabling users to separate the canister from the head —a feature not observed in any of its peers or rivals.

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What You Get When You Buy The Shark NV356E

This Shark vacuum when purchased includes with it (only on Amazon online services): an 8” crevice tool, dusting brush, pet hair removal brush and dust-up bare floor attachment fitted with 2 microfiber pads. It also comes with a 30 ft long power cord, which helps you to recharge the gizmo at your convenience and leisure.

Areas of Improvement

One disadvantage of the Shark is that it has a heavy top, and that makes it easy to knock it over. When docking the machine, care should be taken so as to have it leaned safely against the wall or inside a closet, where there are fewer chances of its getting knocked over. Secondly, while using the hose, buyers are advised to carry the base along with them, so as to avoid accidentally pulling it over.

Another common problem with the Shark is that it does not come with onboard storage. There is space on the side of the gadget to store two small tools, but they can be easily knocked off and then those might get lost. A better way would be to keep the required accessories in a basket inside the cleaning closet and fetch them when needed at the actual time of cleaning. A high-pitched noise was found to be created by the boot while working which was certainly disturbing and pulled frowns from users.


  • Efficient Lift-Away Canister
  • Special HEPA filter equipped with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Maximum Portability (just over 14 lbs)
  • Easy maneuverability (equipped with swivel steering)
  • Effective pet hair removal
  • Convenient bag-less functioning
  • 30 ft long power cord
  • 1100 Watt powerful working motor
  • Dirt cup has large opening to help with dirt removal


  • Heavy top; can get easily knocked over with the slightest pull
  • Lack of onboard storage (not exactly deal-breaker but still rather inconvenient )
  • Quite noisy (high pitched noise emitted)
  • Poor edge cleaning ( similar to most other standard vacuums)
  • No headlights (personal preference)
  • The working hose is quite short (8.5 ft only)
  • Unsatisfactory customer care services


Despite a few setbacks, the Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Pro upright vacuum was able to come out strong after the analysis carried out by the user and tech community’s, based on a variety of categories. Owing to its all-purpose design and hair pickup, this vacuum is ideal for use in large homes with pets. Besides proving with efficient cleaning, anyone will appreciate the long power cord and easy-to-empty dust cup.

For the vacuum performance scores, which are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, the users reported about the different vacuums’ overall working capacity and how they perform in terms of a variety of settings (such as on stairs or hardwood floors). Several other performance parameters were factored in, based on user observations such as noise level, durability and battery life. The expert opinions from gadget review sites like The Sweethome, CNET, and Good Housekeeping are also taken into account.  The reviews were piled into a single statistical informative report to create the ultimate definite buyers’ guide. The NV356E made it to the final list of top Shark vacuum sets, earning a score of 8.6. It further ranked 9.5 in “how good it works” and 8.7 scores on “ease of usage”.

At the very beginning, it was said that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright would make cleaning floors an easier chore. With the high performing suction force and the easy maneuverability, the Navigator NV356e will definitely give you cleaner floors in lesser time and with much lesser labor.

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