Gmail’s Android App can now undo sent emails
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The Android Gmail app is up with a new feature of undoing the emails sent. This update can be seen in version 8.7 and forward. This is the most lifesaving feature if you notice something important is missing from the message, you have few seconds to unsend the message and revert with the things sorted.

This update was first addressed by the Android Police, in the Gmail App for Android. The update had been around for quite some time on the web, in the iOS versions, and also in the Google’s Inbox. Google has taken quite a bit of time to introduce this feature to the Gmail app users on Android.

According to TheNextWeb, the user will get only 10 seconds time to undo the message, after being sent. Though it is not known when was the update exactly introduced and whether it is available for the certain version of the app or is been made accessible by the server-side change.

Once you have composed the mail, then click on ‘Send’. You’ll find ‘Sending’ notification at the bottom of your phone screen. When ‘Sent’ flashes, the ‘Undo’ option appears adjacent to it. You have 10 seconds to tap on undo and cancel the message. The message will then open as a draft and you can make the required alterations to it. As of now, there is no option to extend the time limit for Undo option, unlike the web version.

If you can’t find this feature in your Gmail app then update it to version 8.7 or above. For more news related to Google stay connected.

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