DeLonghi EC702 contributes to being one of the semi-automatic espresso machines for users who are quite new to the process of making espresso coffee at home. Here we present you the DeLonghi EC702 review. It is designed with a wide array of features for pulling shots consistently and making tasty cappuccinos or lattes. This product comes with two thermostats for controlling steam and water in an independent manner, stainless boiler, easy to use buttons by which you can make your own espresso.

DeLonghi EC702 Review
DeLonghi EC702

With the aid of 15 bar pressure, the DeLonghi EC702 coffee maker can produce espresso coffee along with a rich cream. It is easy to make use of this coffee maker. It also boasts a plethora of features which contribute to being a major cause behind the popularity of this product. The product comprises of stainless steel construction which is sleek. The machine is also known for its high durability.

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DeLonghi EC702 Review & Features

Below are the features and review of DeLonghi EC702 machine by our team. Kindly read the complete post before buying it.

Patented filter holder

The dual function holder of this espresso coffee maker makes it possible to make use of pods or ground coffee. Each of them has its own advantages. By utilizing the pod, you will be successful in saving time from tamping, grinding coffee and cleaning the mess from potholder. If you are not capable of controlling how fine the coffee grinds need to be, this is certainly an effective and quick alternative.

Self-Priming Operation

With the introduction of this feature, gone is the requirement of standing around and waiting for the boiler to procure the right temperature prior to pulling the first shot. This feature is beneficial in letting you sip the first espresso at a faster rate so that you will be able to get on with life for a day.

44 ounces water tank

The side water tank of this coffee maker has a very large capacity. Hence, you do not need to waste too much time in filling. Thanks to the side location by which it is easier to pull in and out without the requirement of lifting it up from the top. It comprises of nice touch by which you will be able to know when the levels will reduce to minimal.

Pump driven

It happens to be a pump driven product that is capable of generating 15 bar pressure for the extraction of coffee grounds with a good amount of crema.

Water and Steam Thermostats

You are sure to get the right temperature every time whether you want to brew or froth.

Cup Warming Tray

Cup Warming Tray is another salient feature of this coffee maker. The warming tray, after getting heated actively aids in warming cups prior to making espresso. The size of the tray is successful in accommodating 3 decent cups in a comfortable manner.

Display and control

The coffee maker comprises a small and effective display panel that can be found on the front left side of the machine. From top to bottom, you are going to find on/off, coffee, hot water, steam. Next, to every button, comes a corresponding light indicating when each and every feature is ready. The steaming knob is located on the right hand over the frothing wand.

Convenient frother

The convenient frother is located on one side of the machine. With this, it is possible to brew the coffee shots and you do not need to worry that the pitcher will get in the way. The frother aids in the production of nice foam. Hence, you will be successful in producing cappuccinos with much ease.

Preheat button

Preheat button refers to be one of the worth mentioning features of this DeLonghi EC702 espresso coffee machine. Fill the holder with the aid of pod or ground coffee and attach the same to the machine. Whenever the OK light turns green, you require pushing the brew button for getting shot. For the preparation of a single cup of coffee, you require 0.24 ounces of ground coffee. This product does not involve an auto on and off feature. Hence, you require pressing Brew button again for stopping it as soon as the first shot is full.

Check Latest Price of DeLonghi EC702

Pros of DeLonghi EC702

  • The product comprises of stainless steel boiler that has high durability and is well made.
  • With the dual filter holder, you will be successful in making espressos at ease from pods or coffee grounds.
  • The coffee maker is pump driven vs steam by which you can get more consistent shots along with proper extraction from coffee.
  • It is much easier to make use of the product with the aid of indicator lights and some simple buttons.
  • It is possible to remove the 44-ounce water tank that is situated on different sides for easier access.
  • The drip tray has a generous size for a small espresso coffee maker.
  • The cup warming tray of the coffee maker happens to be an added bonus.
  • The clip present in froth wand aids in holding pitcher in place while frothing.
  • Thanks to the self-prime function owing to which you do not need to wait for starting. It takes a time duration of 3 minutes before it is ready for brewing.

Cons of DeLonghi EC702

  • Owing to The 2.75” cup clearance, there is reduced space for taller cups.
  • The delivery of espresso coffee from two ground heads is not consistent.
  • The basket present in filter holder is not locked in a single place. You require turning the lever up for holding the bucket for dumping the used coffee.
  • It is very hard to reach the inbuilt tamper. Hence, it is recommended to purchase a separate tamper if you wish to enjoy a better tasting coffee.

Check Latest Price of DeLonghi EC702

The final verdict

The EC702 Espresso coffee maker contributes to being an upgraded model that comes with a bunch of enhanced features like side and large accessed water reservoir. cup warming tray. If you are willing to save a bundle of cash from buying coffee frequently, give this machine a shot. At a much affordable price, it enables in brewing espresso coffee at a faster rate. The machine does not come with many whistles and bells. However, it suits the needs of users who love having a fresh cup of Joe every morning without spending too much time.

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