Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Review 2018 (Detailed Guide)
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Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera which is known as EOS 200D outside of USA is one of the most compact DSLR cameras designed by Canon keeping those customers in mind who want a small & an unintimidating camera having an image quality high enough to surpass that of a compact one. This camera follows the footsteps of EOS 100D in terms of weight and convenience. Read our full Canon EOS Rebel SL2 review and find out if it fulfills your needs 🙂

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Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Review (Detailed Guide) 2018

Features of Canon EOS Rebel SL2

The features offered by Canon EOS Rebel SL2 are-

  • 24.2-million-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Full HD video recording
  • Guided interface
  • 1,040,000 dot resolution

The older Conon EOS Rebel SL1 came with an 18 million pixel sensor which was looking outdated when compared to the newer competition. EOS SL2 gets a big boost when it comes to the sensor. Along with that, this camera features the latest DIGIC 7 processor for processing the images which makes it capable of handling 14 times more info as compared to its older cousin DIGIC 6. This processor upgrade is massive when compared to the DIGIC 5, which was used in EOS Rebel SL1. As a result of this, the AF performance is massively improved. Not just that, this processor also gives a huge fillip to the ISO range which goes all the way to 25600. This is high when compared to the ISO ceiling range of 12800 for EOS Rebel SL1.

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Review

When it comes to the screen, EOS Rebel SL2 comes with a 3-inch vari-angle screen which offers touch controls and a resolution of 1040000 dots. When it comes to the optical viewfinder coverage, for EOS SL2, it is 95 percent. This figure is similar to most DSLRs offered at this price. This viewfinder coverage, though good, allows unwanted elements to creep in, into the edges when the images are reviewed on the screen. Hence, for super-critical framing, it is important for one to use the rear display.

EOS Rebel SL2 gets a new graphical UI as compared to its older peers, which helps a new user get to terms with the device fairly quickly. This UI can easily be turned off from the menu to move to the traditional UI offered by Canon. When it comes to video capture, EOS Rebel SL2 does not capture 4K videos but offers Full HD recording. However, it does allow users to capture frames at 60p.

This camera is being marketed by canon as the perfect companion for the smartphone users who want to buy their first DSLR camera. And having mentioned that, to get these users more interested, Canon offers a selfie mode with background blurring and skin smoothing controls!

Along with the features mentioned above, this camera comes with Bluetooth connectivity, NFC and built-in WiFi which allows the user to share images quickly on the social media platform.

Build & handling of EOS Rebel SL2

As far as build is concerned, this camera is-

  • World’s smallest DSLR camera offering a vari-angle screen
  • Comes with three different finishes
  • Weighs 450g

The EOS Rebel SL2 is the smallest camera with a vari-angle screen. This camera is quite compact with a weight of 450 gms (including that of card and battery) and measures 92.6 (H) x 122.4 (W) x 69.8mm (D). This camera offers three different finishes- white, silver/ tan and matte black. As far as the surface is concerned, this camera is made up of a combination of carbon & glass fiber and polycarbonate resin which gives it a plastic feel, which may not excite most users.

The hand grip in case of EOS SL1 was non-existent to cut down on its size. However, in case of EOS Rebel SL2, it is pleasingly deep. As far as the material for the hand grip is concerned, Canon offers the traditional looking leatherette finish used in most DSLRs and not the modern dimpled texture! The top plate for this DSLR is overhauled with the mode dial now recessed into the DSLR body. The top plate also gives instant access to the video recording functionality, thanks to the new power control. There are also buttons which are dedicated to display and connectivity along with the ISO buttons.

When it comes to the rear side, the controls are identical to that of EOS Rebel SL1. The backside of this DSLR is uncluttered and comes with a vari-angle screen. There is also a little indent beside the viewfinder which allows one to pull the visual out of the body.

When it comes to the touchscreen interface, it is one of the best and polished ones as compared to any camera in general and offers an unparalleled reviewing and shooting user experience.

When it comes to Autofocus, EOS Rebel SL2 has the following-

  • 9 point Autofocus system with 1 cross type Autofocus point
  • Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system
  • Touch Focus

The 9 point autofocus system from EOS Rebel SL1 remains the same. This part remains a disappointment where users feel it should have been upgraded. However, for general photography, the autofocus system functions just fine. In the tests, in fact, it got proven that this camera is a solid performer in low as well as bright light. And though the camera did well in indoor dark lighting conditions, the camera was left wanting when it came to capturing the moving subjects. Due to the dual pixel CMOS autofocus system, the camera allows the user to use the phase-detect autofocus system, which offers faster focusing in live view mode & movie recording.

Performance of EOS Rebel SL2

As far as performance is concerned, Canon EOS Rebel SL2 offers the following-

  • 5fps burst mode shooting
  • Bright and a clear display
  • 600 shot battery
  • UHS-I compliance

Due to the DIGIC 7 engine, Canon is able to offer a burst shooting speed of 5 fps as against 4 fps for EOS Rebel SL1. And though this arrangement is good at the price this product is offered, if one wants to shoot fast sequence shots regularly, they need to consider certain mirrorless rivals, if budget is a constraint.

It should be noted that this camera offers multiple features, seen only in the pricier models, such as time-lapse movie mode and multiple lens aberration corrections. This DSLR also features an in-camera raw processing, which is ideal for those who love to share their images almost immediately without bargaining on the quality.

As far as User interface is concerned, Canon offers quite a useful product for those taking baby steps towards creative photography. In this, the key settings are right up there on the screen, where the user is made aware of all the shooting mode changes through creative illustration. For experienced users, this feature can be disabled such that they are taken back to the traditional menu system.

As far as the metering is concerned, this DSLR’s metering is controlled by a 63 zone dual-layer metering sensor with spot, evaluative, center-weighted and partial metering options. When it comes to white balancing, this DSLR offers a great performance. It also offers an Ambience priority white balancing mode which delivers a warmer look while retaining the atmosphere of shots. During neutral shots, the white balancing mode delivers a color-cast free, clean result.

As far as battery is concerned, this camera offers a decent life, much better than its mirror-less rivals. And though the camera takes a good 600 shots before dying down, during live mode, the battery performance plummets and allows one to only take 260 shots before a charge would be required.

The image quality of EOS Rebel SL2

  • ISO100-51,200
  • Offers Pleasing color rendition
  • Offers improved Noise performance

Thanks to the 24.2-million-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor, this camera offers a solid performance when it comes to the details at sensitivities upwards of ISO1600. With this camera, one can easily produce an A3 size 300 dpi image with immense clarity. In fact, if required, the files can be further enlarged. At low sensitivities, the EOS Rebel SL2 handles noise quite well.

The images taken by this camera appear noise free till ISO3200, with the colors being nicely saturated. Even at ISO6400, the noise was well controlled and there was almost no trace of Chroma noise in the shots taken. Even at ISO12800, the image was found useable, though it was not as detailed as the one during the previous sensitivities. Also, the image showed luminance and chroma noise.

Overall verdict of Canon EOS Rebel SL2

Thanks to the bulkier proportion of Rebel SL2, it feels as if this camera is a pared down version of the novel EOS1. Though it should be noted that EOS Rebel SL2 offers excellent dual pixel CMOS autofocus in live view! The refined touchscreen control &variangle display offered by this camera offers ease of use. This camera also offers a guided user interface which is a new experience and a good experience for the new users. As far as the autofocus’ performance is concerned, it is good for general photography but not excellent. Ideally, this camera should have had more autofocus points spread across. Also, somehow the absence of 4K video capture and the plastic finish makes this camera an average competitor to its peers.

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