Planning to buy a new vacuum to clean stairs? If yes, then don’t buy before looking at our list of best vacuum for stairs. We know it takes a lot of time and pain to clean dusty stairs and keep them clean daily. Now whether you a working on your dream project or doing something else, these tasks often make you feel tired.

After a long research of more than 20 hours and discussing with more than 500 people’s we have created this list of best vacuum for stairs. We recommend you to check out each and every vacuum that we have mentioned here. Whether you have carpeted stairs or the regular ones, we have a vacuum for every type.

There are many types of vacuum cleaner for stairs available on the market like (handheld, cordless vacuum, commercial vacuum) and much more. It completely depends on you what type of vacuum you want to clean debris from your stairs.

List of 7 Best Vacuum For Stairs 2018

Model NameCheck Latest PriceCord Length
Shark Rocket HV292 Stair Vacuum15 Foot
Bissell 3624 Vacuum22 Foot
Deik 2-in-1 For Cleaning StairsCordless
Hoover FH50150 Vacuum20 Foot
Bissell Handheld Stair Vacuum16 Foot
Shark DuoClean30 Foot
Dyson V6 Cordless VAcuum For StairCordless

1. Shark Rocket HV292 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

best vacuum for stairs

The first vacuum on the list comes to the Shark Rocket HV292 handheld vacuum. The vacuum is quite lightweight and makes it quite easier for anyone to clean the debris on stairs. The vacuum is one of the best vacuum for carpeted stairs. The vacuum comes with a TruePet motorized brush which has a great suction power and helps you in cleaning your stairs effectively. The easy-to-empty dust cap makes it quite comfortable for you to empty the dust collected by your vacuum. All you need to do is just touch the button to out the collected dust.

When it comes to the cord length, the vacuum has 15-foot long power cord length to give you a smoother vacuuming experience. The best thing that we love about this vacuum is that it not only cleans the debris on hair, but it can also be used to clean pet hair, allergens and much more. Talking about the weight of the vacuum cleaner, it only weighs around 3.7 lbs which makes it quite portable and easy to use.

With all the amazing features and affordable price, this vacuum cleaner is a great deal. For more information about this vacuum like price, warranty etc click the button given below:

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2. Bissell 3624 Vacuum For Carpeted Stairs

vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpeted stairs

The next vacuum on the list comes with Bissell 3624. The vacuum is a kind of professional one and can easily clean tough stains and accumulated debris on carpet, stairs, floors etc. Talking about the cord length, the vacuum has a 22-foot power cord for comfortable cleaning. The best part that we love about this vacuum is that it comes with 5 flex hose which can be used to clean hard to reach areas like table or sofa bottom easily.

When it comes to the weight, the vacuum has 13.2 lbs weight which is quite more than of its competitors on the list and that’s the only little weak point about this vacuum. When it comes to the capacity tank of the vacuum, it has 3/4 gallon tank which is quite sufficient for cleaning a large number of stairs.

Another worth mentioning point about this model from Bissell is that it comes with powerful suction power with scrubbing and professional cleaning solution to give you the best cleaning experience. Along with many other features, the vacuum falls under the category of best stair vacuums. For more information about the model, you can check out the link below-

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3. Deik 2 in 1 Cordless Best Vacuum For Stairs

cordless vacuum

The Deik 2-in-1 vacuum is the best vacuum for stair and we ourself use it in our office. For this vacuum, we can say that it is a complete worth for money model. The best part thing that we really like a lot about this model is that the model is cordless, lightweight, handheld and even bagless too. With such an affordable price and bundle of features, this vacuum is perfect for cleaning not only stairs but also many hard to reach areas.

Talking about its cleaning capabilities, the vacuum can clean all the debris, pet hair, car interiors and much more. It only weighs around 5.1 lbs and gives you an amazing vacuuming experience. The vacuum works with charging and comes with adjustable suction speed functionality. With this technology, you can clean various surfaces according to their material.

When it comes to cleaning the dust container, all you need to is detach the container and empty the collected dust into the dustbin. With an amazing design, it becomes quite easy to store the vacuum as it takes very less space. For more information, check the link given below-

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4. Hoover FH50150 Stair Vacuum

top selling vacuum for cleaning stairs

The next vacuum on the list comes the Hoover FH50150. This model from Hoover is one of the best selling vacuum cleaners for cleaning stairs. It comes with SpinScrub Technology, the technology ensures 360-degree cleaning surrounding carpet fibers. The best part that we love about this vacuum is that it comes with automatic detergent mixing functionality which mixes water and detergent in order to give you ultimate cleaning results. 

Talking about the type of nozzle, the vacuum has DualV Nozzle which helps in even suction of debris and other dust. The vacuum also comes with smart tank system for easy emptying and filling. Coming on to the hose length, the vacuum comes with 8-feet hose length in order to clean hard to reach areas. Also, the model has around 20 foot of cord length which is not that long as compared to other models on the list.

When it comes to the capacity of the dust tank, the vacuum has 1-gallon capacity to store the debris and other dust items. For more information about the vacuum, check out the link given below:

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5. Bissell Eraser Handheld Stairs Vacuum

handheld vacuum

The next on the list comes to the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. The vacuum can be used on multiple surfaces like upholstery, stairs, etc. Talking about the cord length, the vacuum has 16-foot power cord length which is sufficient for cleaning stairs at your home and office. When it comes to the capacity of the vacuum cleaner, this model from Bissell comes with 0.78 L capacity which is pretty good and gives you a satisfying cleaning experience.

The vacuum comes with cyclonic cleaning technology which provides multi-layer filtration and thus helps in proper cleaning of stairs. It can not only remove dust particles from the stairs but also capable of removing pet hair easily. The vacuum comes with a rubberized nozzle which attracts the pet hair and dust from the stairs and gives you an ultimate cleaning experience while saving a lot of your time.

The vacuum has a weight of 5lbs or 2.2 in kilograms which makes it quite easy to carry and thus gives you a comfortable vacuuming experience. With all the amazing features and extremely affordable price range, the vacuum is an amazing deal for anyone looking to buy a vacuum for cleaning stairs. For more information, you can check the link given below-

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6. Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum For Cleaning Stairs

upright vacuum to keep your stairs clean

Comparing to all the vacuum out there in the market, Shark DuoClean has its own place. It comes with amazing duo clean technology which gives you unbelievable results while cleaning stairs, hardwood floors or any other surface at your home. It comes with dual brushroll system which easily picks up all the dust particles from stairs without facing any issue. When talking about the filter, the vacuum comes with HEPA filter system which ensures to trap 99.99% of dust and allergens from the stairs.

Talking about the cord length, the vacuum has 30 feet cord length which is excellent and can help you clean large no: of stairs easily. Having a long cord gives you many benefits like you don’t need to plug the vacuum again and again at different points while cleaning the surface or stairs. The best part that we love about this vacuum is that it comes with finger touch functionality to switch between hardwood floors to carpet area. With all the amazing features, this vacuum is a perfect cleaning tool for your home. For more details, check out the link below-

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7. Dyson V6 Cord-free Vacuum For Stairs

Dyson vacuum for stairs

If you have a decent budget and want to buy an all-rounder vacuum, then Dyson V6 is just a great deal. The company claims that the vacuum has 150% more brush power which lets you clean your home and stairs properly. The best part that we love about this vacuum is that it is cordless, therefore you don’t need to keep on plugging in different sockets in order to clean your stairs.

Since the vacuum is cordless, you must be worried about the battery that it offers. The vacuum has a decent battery capacity which can give you 20 mins of continuous suction functionality. The mini motorized brush present in the vacuum also helps in cleaning pet hair and small dust particle present on the stairs.

So whether you have carpeted stairs or just the normal one, the vacuum comes in handy in both the case. Although the vacuum is little expensive, we can say this vacuum is worth every penny. For more information about Dyson v6 vacuum, you can click the link given below-

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Tips to Consider Before Buying a Stair Vacuum 

1. Cord Vacuum vs Cordless Vacuum

It is a crucial part of your vacuum selection process to consider whether you want to buy a vacuum with cord or you just want to go with a cordless one. Our personal recommendation is to go with a cordless vacuum like the Dyson v6 but before you finalize your choice let us clear one thing. Cordless vacuum is little expensive than a vacuum with a cord. So if you have a decent budget, you can definitely go with a cordless vacuum.

2. Type of Filter

The type of filter that a vacuum has is also an important factor to be considered before buying a good vacuum for cleaning stairs. We recommend you go with a vacuum which has HEPA filter present in it. The best part that we love about the HEPA filter system is that it the filter ensures 99.99% of filtration and clean all the debris and allergens perfectly.

3. Weight of Vacuum

The weight of vacuum is another essential point that you need to look after before buying your next vacuum. Lesser the weight of the vacuum more will be its portability. Lightweight vacuums are easy to carry and you can clean your stairs properly without feeling any back pain.

4. Cleaning Capacity

How many stairs or how much area a vacuum can clean in one go also depends upon the capacity of the dust tank. We recommend you to buy a vacuum which has at least 0.6L of capacity as with this much capacity you can easily clean your stairs without emptying the tank again and again.


So these were some of the best vacuum for stairs. We hope you liked our collection and if you have any doubt then comment below. We’ll be happy to help you ASAP.


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