You are probably looking for the best mini circular saw because you want to cut through different types of materials. If we consider a mass then circular saws are specifically used for wood cutting. The compact circular saw is specially designed for making cross-cuts or rip-cuts. The circular saws are basically of two types worm-drive saws and sidewinders. The worm-drive are short and long and have a handle behind the blade whereas the Sidewinders have the handle over the blade.

For home improvement, you can choose any type of saw it can be cordless or corded, and with varied diameters ranging from 7-0.25 inches. Take a look at the list to choose the best saw according to your comfort.

Tip: Sidewinders are a better option for home workshop as they are lighter in weight and are less expensive than the worm-drive. They also spin faster than worm-drives.

List of Top 7 Best Mini Circular Saw 2018

1. Worx Worxsaw 4-1/2 inches small circular sawWorx Worxsaw

Worx Worxsaw 4-1/2″ circular saw is the first on the list. This saw is known for its power and portability. This saw cuts 2×4’s in a single go and also weighs 50% less than the older 7-1/4″ circular saw. This saw is the Amazon’s Choice and is also the top rated one. The thin blade of the saw puts less strain on the tool and results in faster cutting speed.

Note: The thinner the blade, more is the pressure applied on the material to be cut. So the process will become faster and lesser will be the strain applied to the circular saw. Physics!

This handheld circular saw is fabricated with a parallel guide to ensure straight and precise cutting. You can also adjust the Worxsaw 4-1/2″ for many types of bevel cutting for simplifying the work. Also, this portable saw enables you to make depth adjustments up to 2 inches for easy and accurate cuts. This tool comes with a powerful 4 amp and 120 volts motor for reliable performance.

This small machine helps you create a masterpiece in no time so buy one and enhance your cutting work.

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2. Rockwell RK3440K Versacut mini corded circular sawbest mini circular saw

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut is a brilliant and extraordinary machine with many unique features. This circular saw delivers excellent and professional results in plastic, wood, ceramic tiles, metal and much more. The very advanced feature of this saw is the laser guide technology. The laser guides through the cutting line making the material cutting process easier and more precise.

Another remarkable feature of this saw is the dust extraction attachment. This attachment in front of the tool helps in keeping the cut line clear from dust for better visibility while cutting. This tool from Rockwell provides great comfort and balance control.

This is not the end as the tool has more for you. This mini saw is designed with a lock-off switch to prevent accidental starting of the tool. Also, the depth-adjustment lever enables you to cut through the desired depth. The ultra-compact size of the saw the all-metal body, and the streamlined design makes it a highly durable tool.

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3. Dremel SM20- 02 small tool for workshopDremel-SM20--02

Buy Dremel SM20- 02 to reinvent cutting. This saw is powerful enough to cut through laminate flooring, drywall, PVC, wood, metal and many other masonry materials. This versatile saw comes with a set of accessories to enable the user to handle many innovative projects with great precision.

Whether it’s creating a bookshelf or fixing gutters, Dremel SM20-02 is the best in store. This circular saw is small in size and weighs only around 6 pounds. The compact designing of the saw and lightweight enables the user to control it with one hand. The saw works well in tight areas. The remarkable feature of this mini saw is that though it is not that big even then it doesn’t compromise on the power.

This tool has 6.0 amp motor that runs at a speed of 17,000rpm for quick and accurate cuts. The saw supports depth control and the cutting wheels accessories adds more flexibility for working. The kit of cutting wheels is ideal for making flush cuts, straight cuts, and plunge cuts.

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Tip: If you are trying to cut along a straight line. Then the best practice is to align the blade and cut along the line. But if it gets curved then it becomes difficult to align it back. So, for this first wait until the blade stops spinning and then start cutting along the line. By practicing this you’ll always get an accurate cut. More tips.

4. Makita SH02R1 mini cordlesscompact circular saw

Makita SH02R1 is a tool that is a perfect blend of super ergonomics and performance in a small compact size. The Lithium- Ion cordless circular saw has 3-3/8 inches size that can provide maximum cutting depth of 1 inch. The saw is perfect for those seeking a durability and lightweight. The rubberized grip on the handle provides more comfort while cutting. The saw is perfect for cutting melamine, plywood, pegboard, and drywall.

This miniature saw is fabricated with a blade wrench for making the blade changing process faster and easier. Makita SH02R1 has been carefully designed keeping in the mind the needs of the users. The tool has a built-in blower to keep the dust away from the line to be cut. This features enhances the productivity and also provides clean cuts.

Last but not the least this tool from Makita has 12V max 2.0 amp battery with an LED Battery charge level indicator. The battery protection circuit adds a cherry to the cake. The circuit protects the saw against overloading and overcharging.

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5. Dremel US40-03 compact sawDremel-US40-03

Dremel US40-03 is just the right example of a small packet but a great surprise. This saw is one of the highest rated tools. Buy Dremel US40 for an amazing line of sight for accuracy and clear cuts. The toolkit comprises of the ultra- saw US40, auxiliary handle, metal cutting wheel, carbide wood flush cutting wheel, masonry cutting wheel, carbide wood cutting wheel and 1 bag.

The powerful 7.5 amp motor and big cutting wheel enable the consumer to rip through various materials. Use US600 flush cutting wheel to make flush cuts on composites, drywall etc. easily.

With the adjustable depth control carry out plunge cutting without much chaos. The incredible feature of this circular saw is its surface preparation ability. This workshop tool can easily remove the paint and rust off any surface.

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6. Makita SH01W for clear cutsMakita-SH01W

Makita SH01W is an astounding tool for your home workshop. The most attention giving point is the saw’s weight. The saw weighs only around 3 pounds making it comfortable for single-handed working. This circular saw has a compact design with 3-3/8″ blade size.

The Makita tool also features dust blower to help keep the dust away from the cut line. The 12volts saw has a powerful and fast motor that delivers 14000rpm.

The tool depth can be adjusted from 1-5/8″ for plunge cutting. The tool has a carbide tip, this type of blade stays sharp much longer than the other blades.

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7. Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2 inchesRockwell-RK3441K

Rockwell RK3441K saw is the best in class with small size and great might. This tool can cut through 2x4s in a single pass and is almost of half the weight than the conventional saws. The 4-1/2″ saw works on 5amp and 3500rpm for unmatchable speed.

The easy to carry saw is fabricated with rugged components to perform in the toughest situations. The corded electric saw has 10 feet cord length. The tool doesn’t require any batteries. This saw differs from Rockwell RK3440K Versacut as it doesn’t have the laser guide. The versacut enables plunge cutting and also has dust extraction blower.

But if consider the budget then Rockwell RK3441K is the one you should go with. It performs majority of tasks same as the versacut though versacut has few additional features.

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Tip: To cut joints or heavy pieces of wood easily then first rest the board on your toe. Then slant it from your shin and cut. The gravity will help pull the saw along the cut. Keep a check on your toe while cutting.


So choose the best mini circular saw from the reviews above. The saws taken are well-researched one. All the best and may you find the right saw for your workshop. For any queries or suggestions. Comment Us below. We’ll be back ASAP.

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