Massaging is one of the most followed methods of relaxing your body and reducing your stress level. But at the same time going to a spa or other massage therapists is a pain. Most people don’t find time from their busy schedule to go and sit in a spa for reducing their stress level and that’s where best massage chair can help.

Hectic schedule throughout the day can cause a severe backache, so buying a massage chair for your home can be a remedy to all your pains. You can buy a massage chair for home and relax whenever you want without wasting your precious time in traffic and pollution. We also know that finding a perfect chair is really a troublesome task and that’s why we have compiled this list of top rated massage chair reviews.

These chairs come in a variety of range usually from ($500-$10000) and features like full body massage chairs, portable chairs etc. It completely depends on how much you want to invest and features you are looking for in your desired chair.

We recommend you to read this complete post and we have also shared the factors that you need to consider before buying the best massage chair. You can also find how a massaging chair works and our top recommendations at the bottom. 

10 Best Massage Chair Reviews: Our Top Picks

  1. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800
  2. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair
  4. Medical Breakthrough 4
  5. LuracoiRobotics 7
  6. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner
  8. Real Massage Chair
  9. Shiatsu Recliner 161
  10. Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair

1. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

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LM 6800 full body massage chair has a specifically designed L-track structure frame with four separate rollers & air cell massage provision which effectively massages arms, hips, waist, and shoulders. This L-track four roller system has a roller trail which is designed in such a way that it supports the back and the neck and goes all the way up to the buttocks.

This position de-compresses each & every individual spine in the body thus improving the effect of massage. Along with this, this chair offers a body scans technology found in high-quality chairs. With the use of this technology, the chair can detect the body structure and give an intelligent customized therapy. Basically depending on the height of the user, the chair will itself adjust.

This chair also has an air massage technology. It uses airbags which have separate programming for inflation and deflation. Due to this, the overall massage therapy improves. It lays a special focus on thighs, hip, and shoulders.

This chair also offers a Shiatsu Massage Therapy which gives you a deep human massage using palms, thumbs, and fingers targeted at the underlying tissues and tensed muscles. It also offers dual foot massager which has rollers replicating the performance of a kneading therapy. This chair also offers a heat therapy for the lower back area and the calves. This chair also offers space saving with 0 gravity positions in which there are 3 stages available. When it comes to the specifications, it has a net weight of 249 lb with the dimensions being 48 x 31 x 46 Inches.

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2. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massaging Chair

electric shiatsu massage

EC-06 is the best full body massage chair which has 4 targeted massage programs which cater to needs like recovery, extended recovery, relaxation, and refreshment. It has over 30 airbags which are double layered at the thighs. Along with this, it has a built-in heat roller system with an added neck massage program which targets the stress relieving points. It also has a full body massager and a Shiatsu massage functionality with 2 power rollers which reduces the stress and fatigue.

The back massage capability for this chair is patented. This chair also offers compression and percussion functionality which improves the mobility, flexibility, and posture. Along with offering a heat therapy to the back and the calves, this chair also offers a therapy on the foot. The intensity of the therapy ranges from mild to strong. This chair has an intelligent control design which allows for scanning of the body with eleven signal tests &holt sensors which are customized to offer massage based on size and weight.

This chair has a high powered vibrator motor which improves the massage experience. Despite these functionalities, the control panel is ridiculously simple to use. This chair also offers a 170 degree reclining and an automated reclining feature. When it comes to the colors and finish, this product is available in a faux leather finish, with black, burgundy and brown colors. As far as the chair dimensions are concerned, it is 35 x 55 x 42 inches. The weight of this chair is 250 pounds and offers a one-year limited warranty.

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3. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II PLUS Zero Gravity Massage Chair

zero gravity massage chair on amazon

The relaxonchair MK-2 plus is the best zero gravity massage chair with three-stage automatic ultra, zero gravity multi-functional chair which elevates your feet at the same level as that of the heart. This minimizes the strain on the vertebrae relieving any form of back pain. This chair is made up of high-quality synthetic grained leather which improves the quality of the chair and aids easy mobility.

This chair falls under the category of best massage chairs as it has an L-tracking butt-lock massage system with rollers which provides a full-body massage. This chair also offers a computerized body scanning, whereby the chair identifies the area to massage using a built-in sensor. This chair also has an Airbag massage technology, where the airbags at an individual level inflate and deflate causing the body to turn and twist. This chair provides a thorough human-like massage with stretching functions.

There is also a good lower back heating technology with 2 heating pads which enhances the massage experience. Finally, this chair has a calf, foot, and an arm massager, which completely relaxes the body. This chair comes with a remote control with a screen, which helps you easily understand all the chair functions. 

As far as software is concerned, this chair has 4 automatic programs which are deep tissue, relaxation, rejuvenation and stretching. It also offers 5 manual massage options with a 3 combination system of tapping, kneading, and combo. It also offers a 3 level massage intensity controller for enhancing the massaging experience. This chair measures 29 x 50 inches and made for compact homes.

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4. Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner

Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner is the only massage chair in the world which is designed by medical practitioners, surgeons, pain specialists, and chiropractors. This chair has a superior l-track structure with intelligent massage hands and four wheels which make it vertically movable. Thanks to the L-shaped back, this chair fits the curves of the body well, thus making a user recline in a zero gravity position.

This chair also offers an unbeatable massage technique with a smart body-scan system which automatically detects the user body position and offers a targeted therapeutic massage. This chair has an automatic massage program and offers the user techniques like kneading, shiatsu, knocking, flapping and combo. It also offers the user with a 2 memory function with which the user can store his/her favorite chair position and the massage settings.

As far as the manual massage modes are concerned, this chair offers 3 options which include fixed, partial & overall, with 5 different speed levels. This chair also offers an air-pressure massage function with three modes for arms, legs, and whole body. When it comes to the foot & calf massager, this chair has a roller function which massages the bottom of the foot. It also has a couple of pairs of papillae which helps massage the toes and a mastoid skin scraper. There is a carbon fiber infrared heating unit at the back of the chair which warms the body inside out. As far as weight and product dimensions are concerned, this chair measured 53 x 30 x 44.5 inches and weighs 220 pounds.

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5. LuracoiRobotics 7 Chair For Body Massage

LuracoiRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair is a massage chair which is a 7th generation product from iRobotics. This chair brings about entertainment features, health enhancements and massage therapy techniques. This machine runs of a potent operating system and comes along with a smart touch screen & a remote. This chair offers the industry’s first controller with a touchscreen capability.

This chair offers 5 personal user settings with which 5 members can make their own settings. It also offers 5 levels of intensity controller for multiple sections. It has an integrated health monitoring feature which measures the heart rate and the blood pressure of the patient. This chair is made up of the most up-to-date intelligent sensor which adjusts according to the shape of the body. Thanks to its latest control technique, it offers a superior neck, lower back, and shoulder massage techniques. This chair comes with a noise reduction technology and a 3 layered calf and a foot massager.

This chair comes with a body swivel with a twist stretching functionality which is unique in the industry and not found in any other chair. Thanks to the double rollers at the foot, this chair offers the best in class bottom foot massage. Unlike the competitors, this chair offers a full body heating capability with 5 level intensity adjustment! This chair offers voice support in 7 languages which include French, German, English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean&Spanish. This chair also has an MP# player with built-in speakers. This chair is made up of genuine leather and offers a zero gravity massage capability.

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6. Real Relax with 35 Airbags

The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner has 2 preset automated massage programs which offer a complete massage. This chair has 8 massage points on the inner side of the backrest, such that these points work together to provide massage to the complete body. This chair also offers a zero-gravity recliner. It has 35 airbags which cover arms, shoulders, legs, and seat.

It also has a 360-degree seamless airbag embedding on the legs and arms. This chair also offers a heated seat cushion for the added relaxation. This seat cushion also offers vibration which further enhances the relaxation. This chair has a shoulder massage airbag and an airbag in the arm section which offers pulsating massage. Along with the airbags, this chair has roller massages for the feet with several modes along with a footrest which covers the needs of taller people.

This chair comes in burgundy, khaki, and black color and is made up of artificial leather which improves its cleaning ability. This chair is made up of advanced foam with the ability to absorb shocks while being anti-static and fire resistant. This chair comes with an easy to use a remote control with a VFD display screen. This remote offers 4 auto programs and manual programs which improves the massaging capability of the chair. It also includes a virtual reality headset and a 3-year warranty.This chair comes in 49.74″ length x 29.72″ width x 31.1″height dimensions and weighs 440.9 pounds. The voltage& power required for this chair is AC 120V 60Hz and 20-230 Watts respectively.

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Certainly, KAHUNA SUPERIOR MASSAGE CHAIR is one of the bestselling massage chairs even though the chair has an expensive price tag. The chair showcases a wide array of massaging features that make worthwhile contributions to delivering an incomparable measure of massaging benefits to the users. This massage chair is equipped with nine massage programs among which five are of a regular type and the rest four features bent on offering luxury programs that ensure optimum outcome. All those incorporated automatic massage setting operates based on its helpful zero gravity mechanism.

You will love the chair for these core features like SL-Track with 6 Wheels Roller System that offers the feeling of being massaged by 6 hands and the whole body receives wonderful massaging benefits, Taller & Wider Size Accommodation so no matter what is your body type or what height you have, nowhere you will be deprived of massaging pleasure, Space Saving with Zero Gravity helps you enjoy massaging in better way. Zero gravity spreads the user’s weight all throughout the chair thus relieving the stress and you will get pleasure from the intense massaging experience. Stress will be reduced magically thus turning the body virtually weightless. The chair offers therapeutic benefits as well, treating the sore aching muscles.

Features that make this chair one of the best massage chairs around, there are Hip Air-Cell massage technology, New auto programs – Standard 5 and 4 additional special auto programs, Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage, Acupressure Points (Arm), Space Saving technology with 3 Zero Gravity, LED Light design and Zipper Leg Extension Covering.

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8. Real Massage Chair With Robot Hands

Seeking around a massage chair with a bargain price, Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner with Shiatsu benefits would surely meet your requirements. This massage chair is more of a casual or hobbyist chair to render complete relaxation to your whole body. Not only for its discounted price, but the chair receives rave reviews for the features it furnishes. There is four massage setting which will give you professional massaging benefits. There is that personal massaging feature, where the computer would be scanning the body in order to distinguish the body size, make an adjustment to the back roller position as per the user’s size.

There are other beneficial features such as a built-in waist heater to offer warmth to the affected waistline this inbuilt waist heater and triggering improved blood circulation reduces pain. There are that embedded Bluetooth music player and USB charger, letting you enjoy music consistently when massaging is going on.

A foot roller system is there, you will be enjoying that Thai type scrapping massage if you are taller than the standard height then there is that compatible footrests for you. In addition, few extraordinary features are there to offer you wonderful experience letting go stress if there is any. There is VFD display screen with a remote controlling facility. Wondering what massaging techniques this chair will offer you, stretching to kneading, Shiatsu, Beating, knocking and many more. Nowhere you will feel uncomfortable while reclining in this chair. The zero gravity design helps in reclining comfortably in the chair, the invisible robot would be kneading the acupressure points to relax you. There is that Shoulder airbag pinch releasing your shoulder fatigue. Even the chair will give you the best hip massage, to make the buttocks area stress-free and relaxed.

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9. Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner 161

A massage chair best for residential or commercial use, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner is loaded with a number of beneficial features. This massage chair will reduce the muscle pain and increase your endorphin. There won’t be any muscle fatigue as the kneading and rolling motion it offers replenishes the body with newer energy. Your tensed muscle will be relaxed and you will receive the therapeutic benefits only to keep the tensions at bay. The massage chair offers warmth all around the waist area removing the backaches even the stomach cold. Muscles gain back their elasticity and flexibility. This massage chair wonderfully speeds up the process and relieves pain. 4 Automatic Massage Programs are there, Zero Gravity Function allows the user to feel weightless and you will be feeling lot more energized. 

This massage chair offers best massaging experience to shoulder, neck, hips, waist and thigh area. Instead of any mechanical stroke, the massaging stroke feels like a human massage so that you can relax and get over pain gradually. There is that OPTO sensor device which can customize the shoulder position for different body sizes.

When you are seeking affordable massage chair, loaded with varying massaging functions. The features like the zero gravity, heat around the waist and automatic programs are some of the finest add-ons to this wonderfully and strongly built Shiatsu massage chair. When you want a chair giving you intense massaging options without exceeding your budget, this chair is worth trusting.  The massage chair is having wheels so you can move the chair from one end to another.

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10. Ideal Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage

This full-featured Shiatsu Chair is the perfect pick for an ideal massage. The fully-loaded chair offers you a 20-minute uninterrupted massage which is very relaxing and rejuvenating for your body. You can choose a head to toe massage ranging from 5 to 30 minutes and can enjoy a fair session of relaxation.

The chair comes with real humanized massage hands that further include a 3D intelligence detect, thereby offering you a real experience massage. I opted for a longer massage, it is going to give you more time to relax and enjoy. This massage chair is fully equipped with a four-wheel driven muted massage hands that could work with a quiet operation as well in various vertical moments on a superbly designed S-track rolling system.

The massage chair provides you four different auto programs to choose from, and this could be done using a single touch. The four massage options include Shiatsu, Spinal Rolling, Kneading and Vibrating respectively. There is an automatic mode to give you multi-functional massages using different combined massaging methods. The manual mode of the chair lets you control and adjust the back rollers toward any point of your body. You can also get a full control to adjust the different types of massages in terms of their intensity, speed, airbags, etc.

The built-in therapy, as well as therapeutic bags of the massage chair, provide total comfort to all the parts of your body such as arms, foot, calves, shoulders as well as the seat area. Lastly, there is a 3-true zero gravity positioning at the touch of a button to provide you the level of maximum comfort and optimal massage.

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Best Massage Chair Brands

Understanding the benefits of using the massage chair, people today are showing great interest in accommodating one for their own use at home and this triggered cut-throat competition in the industry of massage chair manufacturing and retailing. Although varying massage chairs are available in the market but most customers complain about either the price or the feature has.

Here are few brands notable to feature best quality massage chairs for both expensive as well as for affordable price.

✓ Osaki

Gleaming name in massage chair industry Osaki is recognized for its OS-4000 series, top notch, luxury feature loaded models on the market. Beating the big players like Human touch or Panasonic, today Osaki is way ahead in the competition. Although their massage chairs are available with high price tags users are definite to derive myriad of benefits which of course is priceless.

✓ Inada

Inada is a Japanese brand, they have their own style and lineage which keep them apart from the usual stock. Instead of keeping to a single flagship collection they have devised out multiple innovative chair lines. Their chairs are pricier but sometimes they are deemed most expensive in the industry.

✓ BestMassage

Those looking for massage chairs with an affordable price tag would find this brand worth depending upon. The chairs are no doubt best for easing out sore muscles also giving the whole body that much required strokes and jerks that can alleviate stress. This brand is best for all users and for residential and commercial use, these chairs are a low investment but high output device for sure.

✓ Panasonic

This brand is the familiar a name in the electronics industry. Their massage chairs were ahead in the competition and their products were best in offering luxury features. With aesthetic and best of the best functional attributes, Panasonic offers massage chairs best for home as well as for commercial setups.

How to Choose Top Massage Chair

Since years of developing technology, many technical advancements in massage chairs has emerged and important developments took place in every term of design, features, and benefits to meet the needs of larger sections of users. Although, before purchase, it seems challenging to compare and contrast features of massage chairs. Among several types of massage chairs, it is also hard to choose which one would be meeting the user’s need maximum. To provide you more with modern massage chairs here is a useful guide to help you reach a confident decision.

Before you buy a massage chair, make sure about the technique and style of massage you need. Most available styles and techniques are Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, Swedish Percussion etc. Here are the details about styles and techniques:

✓ Kneading – the technique offers more relief by stretching and lifting muscles thus reducing soreness. It also improves circulation and removes toxins.

✓ Rolling – the technique applied to the back of the massage chair. It applies even pressure and loosens up the muscles by warming it

✓ Shiatsu – mainly applies finger like pressures on the points of acupuncture therapy

✓ Swedish – this technique creates deep pressure and gentle rubbing to relax muscles

✓ Percussion / Tapping – by this technique of rapid tapping strokes alternatively, massage chair stimulates circulation and relax tension in the muscles

✓ Customisable massage intensity and Speed is an important feature, so make sure you are judging these features that fit your needs

✓ Advanced chairs have a unique feature of built-in auto programs. Pre-programmed massages will provide you specific massaging benefits in the areas of your body to fix the particular problem

Select the chair that offers the wide range of rollers. The track and sizes of rollers are important to massage down the spine including neck, hips and other body parts. Ensure before buying.

✓ Check the quality of airbags provided with the chair. These are helpful to provide extra muscle relief and increase circulation which effectively reduces pain

✓ Zero-gravity is an ideal position to offer relaxation on your spine also releasing pressure on it. Check your chair if it can offer that.

✓ Check the chairs that have reclining features so that you can use it comfortably. It is important that to have great massage positions areas per your comfort and need.   

✓ Making budget is important for any purchase. For some extra relief, you may look forward to some additional features to massage your legs, head or arms. It may not be essential but desirable and so, make sure you are not exceeding your budget to accomplish this end.

It is important that you have enough space to place the chair in your home or gym center whatever it may be. It is to ensure that the dimensions can accommodate the user well.

✓ Being a wise buyer you should check the material used and warranty. It is better to choose synthetic than the leather covers to withstand the wear and tear during kneading and heat therapy.

✓ A whole body massage chair is helpful for the user suffering from chronic back pain or joint pain.

Benefits of Massage Chair

There are countless benefits one could derive from a massage chair. Usually, a professional therapist makes use of a number of massaging techniques to relax the strained or aching muscles. Similarly, a motorized massaging chair can capably carry out a number of basic strokes that a professional therapist can perform and such strokes you may enjoy any time if you are having a massage chair. If you have experienced a pulled muscle or having strained back, a pain reliever may relieve you from pain immediately but when the pain is ongoing, you need chiropractor but massage chair can help you to get rid of the pain. Even when you are having cervical disc problems, arthritis, massage is the best way to ease out the pain.

There are four core benefits you are likely to derive from the massage chair

✓ Aligns the Spine Thus Reducing Pressure: A reclining massage chair would be reducing pressure on the backbone. All the core nerves are seen passing through the vertebrae, spreading through all the peripheral areas which include hands, fingers, feet, and toes. When there is spinal pressure or nerves are compressed and tension generates. Massage chair helps in relaxing the vertebrae and that results in vertebrae gaining back its natural alignment. When nerves are relaxed and there is no pressure, pain reduces.

✓ Helps in Maintaining Good Posture: It targets few specific muscles and renders strokes to ease the pain. Imbalances are corrected when more muscles are relaxed and that is exactly massage chair does. Due to muscle pain, we tend to change posture thus stressing another muscle, this tends to cause an imbalance in posture. After using massage chair, the number of people found out their postures getting better.

Helps in Improving Stress: Stress not only disturbs mind but there is that physical impact that one goes through during stress. Stress causes sleeplessness, loss of appetite, easing out stress which decreases levels of cortisol in the blood. Massage chair helps in getting rid of stress.

✓ Helps in Perking Up Circulation: When circulation is high it promotes healing. Cells receive oxygen and nutrients from blood and blood steals away toxins. When muscles are relaxed blood properly flows down to tissues and other organs.


So, these were some of the top massage chair reviews that you can look at before buying your new chair. If you have any query, you can contact us or comment below. We’ll be happy to help you ASAP 🙂

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