Do you love juicy fruits or veggies? And want to buy the best juicer in the market. If yes, then you have hit the right spot. Here we have discussed the features of the top juicers that you can buy today. It would be more pleasurable if you can turn a solid fruit into appetizing juice. However, you need much time to squeeze out all the juice from every fruit.

The best-rated juicers know the magic of taking out the sap off your favorite vegetables and juices. A simple juicer machine, placed on your countertop does the work for you. Just make out your own ideas in order to create your juice recipe. Variety of juicers are available in the market to be it a centrifugal juicer or masticating juicer. To bring ease to the buyer’s we have simplified the work of finding the right juicer. Take a look at the table below to find out the juicer that complements you the most.

Top 5 Best Juicer 2017: That you can buy

Model NoCheck Latest PriceRPMFeed Chute
Breville JE98XL6,500rpm3 inch
Omega NC900HDC80rpm
BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt3 inch
Breville BJE200XL14,000rpm3 inch
Champion Juicer G5-PG7101,725rpm1.75″

1. Breville JE98XL 850 Watt – Best under $100 juicerBreville-JE98XL

A high-quality and reliable juicer is an essential tool for the health-conscious person. This Breville Juicer extracts the juice out of the fruit without leaving behind the nutrients. This juicer is cheap in price and fits well in every budget. The remarkable feature of this juicer machine is that it comes with a whole fruit feed chute. This fastens up the juice extraction process and creates less mess. The Nutri Disc stainless steel titanium mesh filter is designed for maximum juice extraction along with the nutrient.


  • Effective and potential motor unit- The motor part of this Fountain Plus juicer works with almost 850-watt. Its dual speed mechanism is one of the positive parts, and it is able to produce juice at an incredible speed.
  • Settings for controlling two-speed system– The juicer includes high and low-speed control options, and this allows you in customization of speeds. The output that you get may be of variable consistencies. You can squash softer fruits with 6,500-RPM. However, if it is harder fruit (carrot or apple) the RPM value needs to be 12,000.
  • Feed chute is bigger- Many users do not like to feed the juicer with smaller pieces, and as the tube size is about three inches, you can easily put in all the ingredients.
  • Production of a low amount of heat– You may not find this advantage with centrifugal units of other brands. However, this unique juicer turns out heat with just 1.8 degrees in order to retain the natural production of antioxidants and enzymes.
  • Safety systems- There is a locking section with a protection unit against overload issues. LED performs well for assuring your safety all the time.
  • Much durable- The model is manufactured with high-quality polymer, and it remains intact for several years.
  • Easy cleaning- You may clean the juice with the use of your dishwasher.
  • Other convenient parts- As the tube of this juicer has bigger capacity, you may keep away from the task of chopping the vegetables. The juice holds juicer of about one liter, and there is a froth separating unit, attached to the system. A pulp holder also includes a knob to give you much convenience.
  • Strongest and fastest juicer that can treat the fruits, like pineapple and its rind
  • Easy to use juicer for all the users
  • Allows simple cleaning by disassembling the parts
  • Produces healthy juice, removing the froth
  • Simple cord that you may hide easily to avoid all the messes
  • BPA-free product
  • Generate sound that may be disturbing
  • Not much effective to deal with tougher vegetables

Check Price Breville JE98XL


2. Omega NC900HDC Best Masticating Juicerbest juicer

Having fresh juice in every morning allows you to become healthier. Omega NC900HDC is the best option for all the residential needs. This is a masticating juice blender, used for preserving all the nutrients, present in your juice. It is the best slow juicer on the list with 80rpm rotating speed. The 5 adjustable settings can be used for different food types depending upon their toughness. The attention giving point about this juicing machine is its automatic pulp ejection mechanism while taking out the juice.


  • The slower mechanism for fresh output- You do not like to wait almost half an hour for producing the juice. But, the slower juicing helps in retaining the nutrients. You always look for a machine, which does not produce much amount of wastes for preparing the juice. Omega NC900HDC meets all these needs because it is capable of making fresh juice with the blend of various fruits. If you like orange juice, you have to remove the peel for producing the sap. There is no need of slicing the fruits.
  • Used for various preparations- You will be able to prepare nut milk or butter with the help of this juicer. You may serve your family members with these fresh foods instantly. Pasta preparation is also very easy with the system.
  • Design- The overall structure is much slimmer and longer. Its chrome finish has made the product much striking.
  • Drum cap- This is an adjustable part, presenting you with five adjustment options. The 2-piece cap deals with the pulp of the juice. You may control this pulp amount while preparing the juice.
  • Silent model- You may run the system when all the members of your house are asleep. This system uses 110V for power.
  • Improved auger- The new design of the juicer includes auger, manufactured with the safest material.
  • Simple cleaning- You may detach all the parts from the system, and clean them with dishwasher.
  • Slower RPM (80) reduces oxidation
  • Bigger chute for feeding any fruit
  • Juice remains fresh for three days
  • 5 settings for adjustment and for producing juice
  • The system produces juices of several varieties
  • Works as grinder and baby food maker
  • Detachable components
  • Noiseless operation
  • Slower than other juicers
  • Little costlier

Check Price Omega NC900HDC


3. BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juicer


Many people avoid buying a juicer as they think it to be a costly system. However, this juice maker is one of the most affordable systems, chosen by lots of users. This juicer machine from Black+Decker has a powerful 400 watt motor for the fast juicing. The Juicer prepares pulp-free juice in no time. The fresh juice is separated from the pulp using the high-quality strainer and stainless steel blades, storing it in a separate container.

The juice blender is controlled by an on/off switch. Also, the dual safety lock mechanism ensures safety while taking out the juice. The removable parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe, thus simplify the cleaning chaos.


  • Compact shape – You have to place this juicer in a vertical position. The system does not consume much space on your kitchen countertop.
  • Best quality juice- You will get good, tasty juice with this juicer. You may also find much foaming with this juicer. While you like to sip the juice just after preparing it, you won’t face any kind of issue. The system can crush any tough vegetables or fruits. But, you may better avoid juicing leafy items with this device. Pulp, produced from the unit, is much drier.
  • Base design- There is a rubber base that does not get slipped on any surface.
  • Amount of juice- The juice catcher holds 300 ml of fruit sap. The spout of the system helps you in pouring juice easily into your glasses.
  • Motor system- The juicers with 400-watt for the production of juice.
  • No mess- There is a storage unit, where you may store your cord securely.
  • Noise generation- Though the model is not a quiet juicer, also its noise is not much intense. As there are rubber feet, vibration is controlled very easily.
  • Pulp collector- The capacity of this unit is almost 28 ounces.
  • Pusher – This is another element, which directs the fresh fruits to the cutters so that you will get the highest amount of juice.
  • Motor with good power
  • Special unit for holding pulp
  • Locking system for safety
  • Sleek design, consuming limited space
  • Non-slip feet
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Steel-made strainer and blades
  • Customized juice container that helps you in serving and measuring juice easily
  • Slow system
  • Smaller chute



4. Breville BJE200XL Compact 700-Watt Juice ExtractorBreville BJE200XL

You may be one of the busiest members of your house. However, still, you like to have the juice to maintain your health. This inexpensive centrifugal juicer machine operates at 700 watts. The juicing machine delivers 14,000rpm for optimum juice extraction from the fruits and vegetables. The advanced safety locking arm makes sure that the juicer works only when the locks are in place i.e. in the vertical operating position.

This Breville juicer is the best to buy in the market. This juicing juicer has a heavy grade polymer body with the centered knife blade. The stainless steel micro-mesh filter and cutters fetch a good amount of juice from the citrus fruits.


  • Design of the juicer- Though the juicer is highly compact in design, it is much durable. The blade portion is placed at the center of the system, and you can deal with it very easily.
  • Materials- Each of the parts of this system is designed with the best quality materials. Just as many other brands, Breville has applied polymer for making the major part of the unit. The cutters of this unit are manufactured with stainless steel. Thus, they will never get corroded.
  • Juice container- The size of juice container is much big, and it holds almost 800 milliliters of juice. It also includes a part for separating the froth.
  • User-friendly system- The juicer system is very simple, and your kids may also try to prepare their own juice. There is no tamper that intervenes with the function of many juicers. You may smoothly push down the ingredients through the feed chute.
  • Locking system- Breville presents you with a unique locking mechanism, and this helps you to remove every component very fast and easily. You may need only two minutes for rinsing the system.
  • Amount of juice- The most important part of this juicer is that its system takes out the juice from fruits in the best way.
  • Powerful juicer- Though this unit is very simple in design, it is powerful in function and cuts all the fruits. You have to place your fingers carefully. Remember that the juicer does not know whether it is your fruit or finger.
  • Feed chute- The length of this tube is almost three inches in length, and its design allows the access of bigger fruits.
  • Other parts- With the package, you get a jug, cutting disc, pusher, cover and pulp container.
  • Highly reliable design
  • Sturdy structure
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Masticating Juicer
  • Package includes brush for cleaning
  • Cannot retain the freshness of juice for longer period
  • Noisy system

Check Price Breville BJE200XL


5. Champion Juicer G5-PG710 Heavy Duty JuicerChampion-Juicer-G5-PG710- Best Masticating Juicer

If you are looking for a commercial-grade juicer, then Champion G5-PG710 is the best choice for you. This Champion juicer being a masticating juicer is faster than the common ones. This juicer machine produces richer and deep colored juice and keeps the nutrients preserved. The heavy-duty juicer is backed by 1/3 horsepower motor. The 540-watt motor runs the machine at 1725rpm. The juicer has a large feed tube to enable juicing from big food items. This machine comes with 10-year Limited Manufacturers Warranty and 1 year on cutter blade.


  • Blades-These stainless-steel blades will never become dull and twisted. These strong blades retain their shape for many years. You do not need to be concerned while juicing out any hard vegetable. This juicer squeezes the fruits to produce nutritious and healthy drinks.
  • Feed chute- This is almost 1.75″ in size and you may add all large-sized veggies. You do not have to slice them into small pieces.
  • Speed and motor- The juicer work at about 1725 RPMs. The motor of the device also performs its function at almost 540 W.
  • Look and design- The juicer includes rear and front end shield unit, torque and also ball bearings to allow smooth operation. The shiny looking juicer appears very simple, and you can also clean the parts easily.
  • Other parts that you can buy- If you need to prepare juice in bulk amount, you may better buy homogenizing parts separately. It is also good to purchase mill accessory. This can be the right option, while you like to grind beans or flour.
  • Commercial standard juicer, best for all restaurant owners
  • Stainless steel and nylon- Used for this juicer design
  • Automatic ejection of pulp to provide juices continuously
  • Two different colors- black and white
  • Noisy juicer
  • Heavy model
  • Consume much space

Check Price Champion Juicer G5-PG710


What health benefits do you get from the juice?

Absorb all nutrients

Many people say that eating raw fruit slices is better than sipping juices. However, daily intake of fruit juice has other benefits for your body.  While you are trying to consume every piece of fruit or vegetable, you will need much time for digesting or absorbing all the vitamins. But, if you’ve considered only the juice formula, your physical system may take it up easily. Moreover, the juice will also keep you hydrated all the time. After working throughout a day, you like to have cool lemon sap because it helps in restoring energy. Thus, fruit or vegetable juice has a high dietary value to you.

Control your cravings easily

Whenever you get hungry, you like to eat snacks or foods. However, juice has the potential to control your hunger. While your body needs sugar, orange and apple juice may offer it to you. This natural sugar also does not affect your body in a negative way.

Spices and herbs may provide you with a juice of various flavors; however, you can also try to be much creative. Spicy juice with pepper, oregano and tomato sap gives you a wonderful feeling. Moreover, with a juicer, you can get benefit from every part of a fruit.

Lose weight with intake of juice

Start your day with fresh juice, and also do workouts. You will surely lose your weight. Many people have reported that they have dropped almost seven to eight pounds on every week. Thus, include juice in your everyday weight loss program. These juices help in detoxifying the body as well as in removing all the toxins, present in your physical system. That is why you are able to lose your weight. You will also enjoy faster digestion, good hormonal balance, less illness and reduced allergies. Many healthcare professionals recommend juices for treating cancer.

Blended fruit juices provide you fiber

You have perhaps used a high-speed juicer for preparing the juice, and it contains much amount of fiber. Due to the considerable percentage of fiber, this juice releases nutrients slowly to your blood. Thus, you may not feel hungry for a longer time, and we have already stated this fact about the juice. Your sugar percentage may also be maintained with juice intake and you will be able to retain energy and positive mood.

Give rest to digestive organs by drinking juices

Your juicer has several parts that allow you to have the fresh juice. Many traditional juicers remove the fiber part from our foods. However, fibers assist in digestion. Thus, while you have chosen the right juicer, it will sustain all the values of your fruits.

How to Select a Best Juicer: Buyer’s Guide

Lots of fruit lovers want to have the tasty drinks or juices, and they do not like to have a bite on solid fruits or vegetables. Though you may find the best inexpensive juicer in the market, you have to make your decision lightly. So, our guide will surely allow you to pick the right model.

What to include in juicing?

It’s better to find answers to some questions- Do you love to have the sap of green, leafy vegetables? Do your children like hard or soft fruits? Many users try to blend almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and they may better make out the amount of every juice they like to have. For instance, you can add twenty percent of veggies, ten percent of softer fruits and sixty percent of tougher items (like cores of pineapples or guava seeds). In this case, you can better choose a powerful system.

Are you too busy to make the juice?

You may need juice on every day or on every week. It is also essential to consider the amount of sap you want from your juicer. There are more things to be considered- Is the juice intended for you alone or for all your family members? To get a huge amount of good quality sap, you may depend on the masticating juicer. However, it takes more time for preparing your fruit juice. Thus, if you have limited time for doing work, you may purchase a centrifugal juicer.

Size or width of the feed chute

You perhaps like to chop the vegetables and fruits for reducing the juice preparation time. However, many users like to put in a whole piece of apple or other nutritious fruit. In this case, you have to check the size of feed channel or chute of your juicer. The smaller chutes may be of 4 centimeters, and you cannot feed it with lots of fruits. Kids will not be able to put the hands into this chute. So, slice your carrot, beet or apple before inputting them into your juicer. Many chutes allow you to cover two steps for inserting the pieces.

Accessories and special capabilities of the device

Many of us consider juicers as a kind of food processor as they have special features. Due to the mincing and grinding ability, you can prepare ice creams, oils, sorbets and many more. You may also find the same features in many food processing units. However, remember that if you use a juice for processing foods regularly, its performance level can be affected. But, you may also replace the accessories to restore the original condition.

The attractiveness of the unit

If you run your juicer every day, you perhaps like to place it on your kitchen countertop. As it always remains visible to everyone, you have to consider the design of juicer. Lots of brands offer colorful juicers of various styles and models. These units will surely go with the contemporary design of your kitchen. You have to check out not only the base of the appliance but also space, covered by the top of the juicer. Many models are considerably large in size, while others are very compact.  So, buy the best affordable juicer in the right shape.

Does your juicer produce sound?

There are many more details to pick the best home juicer. You may like to sip the cool juice at night when everyone is asleep. So, your juicer should not make noise while preparing juice. The motors of centrifugal juicers cause much noise. However, the manual models do not create any such sound. Triturating and other juicer categories also work silently. We have found that most of the users don’t like any sound from their juicer.

The resilience of the juicer

Durability is also an important factor because you want to get the best value from your juicer. Many people like to install it permanently, while others desire to upgrade their kitchen appliances. We have observed that the best omega juicer may continue their performance for almost ten to fifteen years.

Is it easy to remove the trashes from your juicer?

Dissembling and assembling the parts may be time-consuming. However, you always need to do it for cleaning the machine. Most of the juicers include several parts and you may need much time for rinsing them.

Types of Juicers Available in the market

You perhaps know lots of fruit juice recipes. However, your lifestyle and your own needs are the most important factors that affect your preferred juice types. We’ve already stated that fresh juices help in losing weight and in gaining several benefits, like improved immunity and cancer prevention. Now, you have to about the popular types of juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

Lots of juice lovers prefer this type of juicer. If you are trying to find out the best and cheap juicer, you may choose this model. These juicers work well for taking out the juice of vegetables or fruits very fast and easily. Especially, if you like to have the juice of lettuce, spinach, wheatgrass or other herbs, you may rely on this best juicer machine. There is a good feed tube, attached at the juicer, and the blade, in adjacent to it, may assist you in shredding your fruits. While you have ejected the juice continuously, the fruit pulp gets out of your system. While your device does not remove this pulp automatically and the container is full, it is essential to turn off the system.

The major feature of these juicers is that they’ve very few parts and thus, the cleaning process becomes very easy to you. The system also works at the fastest speed for producing juice. As the feed chute is much wide, it is one of the advantageous aspects to you. Another thing, notable with these juicers, is that they manage softer fruits in a better way. However, bubbles of oxygen cause oxidization or spoilage of juice, and thus, you have to drink it instantly after preparing it. So, you may buy this juicer, if it suits your needs.

Masticating Juicer

This system chews your veggies and fruit fibers for breaking all the cells, and thus, you will get more enzymes, minerals, and fibers. This juicer is better in performance in compared to the centrifugal ones. It accepts almost all kinds of veggies and fruits. So, you may also try out any recipe with this juicer. You can also prepare baby foods with this machine. Now, it’s easy to give the best treatment to your kids with fresh strawberry juice.

The RPM of this system is very low, and you can get all the juices from your vegetables. As the speed is slow, the juice will preserve all the nutrients. With low oxidation, you will not face any risk while drinking the juice.

The design of every masticating juicer is highly innovative, and most of the users prefer buying it due to its special features. The reputed brands also offer you compact models that do not consume much space in your kitchen room. There are various steps through which the juicer produces the juice for you. At first, it takes out the juice with the crushing process. Before the ejection of pulp, the system squeezes and presses everything that you have inserted. Lower RPMs also leads to reduced waste, and you will have better output.

Twin-Gear Juicer

Though it is a highly advanced model, you may need to invest more in this system. This juicer also moves its parts at a slower rate, and thus, there no risk of oxidation. The nutrients also remain in the juice without getting destructed. This controlled speed may also reduce aeration level, and you can store the sap for some days.

There are 2 interlocking roller systems, attached to the juicer, and the system presses the ingredients between them. The process of juicing produces juice in a larger amount. Due to the high force, the gears can break up the cells of your fruits, release more vitamins.

However, to clean these juices, you may need much time, and the juicing procedures are also time-consuming. Thus, if you need to have juice instantly, you may choose one that spins faster.

This twin-gear juicer is almost same as that of masticating juice makers’ models. To prepare ice creams, you have to take out the screen plate so that you can use another solid cover. There is bio-ceramic and magnetic technology, used for this juicer and it controls the process of oxidation. The triturating juicer is also highly adjustable, and you are now able to have the juice of almost everything.

Thus, these are major juicer types, used for preparing various juices.

So, read our guide to purchasing the best juicer from the store. Buy the right model and get the utmost value from the investment. A juicer is the most useful appliance in almost all commercial and residential kitchens.

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