5 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2018 (Top Picked)
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If you are planning to buy a professional vacuum cleaner and wondering which one is the best commercial vacuum then, we are pretty confident that your search for more will surely end here. When it comes to cleaning office space, stores etc commercial vacuum is the best choice that one can make, in order to keep them clean.

Now you might be wondering how a commercial differs from a residential vacuum cleaner?

Let’s be very clear:- the number of dust particles present in office spaces or stores is much more than in residential areas. Also, the capacity to clean dust is much more in the commercial vacuum than in any other vacuum cleaner. Hence, if you manage a store or some professional areas we recommend you to go with a heavy duty vacuum, not just an ordinary one.

To save all your precious time and hard work, we have prepared this list of best commercial vacuum cleaners which you can buy today to keep your offices or stores clean and beautiful.

List of 5 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 2018

Model NameLatest PriceVacuum TypeCord Length
Oreck U2000RB1 commercial vacuumUpright40 Foot
Shark Rotator NV501Upright & Lift-Away30 Foot
Hoover C1703900Bagged Upright 35 Foot
Hoover C2401 vacuumBackpack48 Foot
BISSELL BGU1451T commercial vacuumBagged Upright30 Foot

1. Oreck U2000RB1 Commercial Upright vacuum

best commercial vacuum cleaner

The first on the list comes the Oreck U2000RB1 commercial vacuum. This vacuum from Oreck is one of the best commercial upright vacuum cleaners which has 12″ cleaning path. The best part that we love about this vacuum is its built technology. It automatically detects the difference between hard floors and the carpet area, therefore you don’t need to specify it in manual settings.

The switch to on and off the vacuum is located at the handle to provide more convenience to the person using this vacuum. The cleaner gives you high-speed cleaning and saves a lot of your time. It is also equipped with double helix brushes for smoothly picking up the dust particle and waste materials on the floor. It whirls at 6,500 RPM and moves the scattered pieces of rubbish or remains towards vacuum for easy cleaning.

With all the amazing features and affordable price range, this commercial vacuum is absolutely a great deal. Talking about the cord length, the vacuum has 40-foot cord length which lets you clean maximum area without replugging it at different places. With this stunning appliance, vacuuming becomes easy and comfortable. Do check the latest price of the cleaner by clicking the button below-

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2. Shark Rotator NV501 Recommended Commercial Vacuum

commercial vacuum reviews

The next on the list of best commercial vacuum is the Shark Rotator NV501. Shark is known for the durability of its products and the trust that it has gained from its customers. This unit of Shark is one of the most selling commercial vacuum cleaners on the market. It’s a 2-in-1 Vacuum which can be used both as upright and lift away in order to provide you portable cleaning.

The deep cleaning feature of this vacuum not only picks up the dust particle or visible items. It also helps in cleaning dog hair lying on the floor. The best thing that we love about this unit is that it comes with Anti-Allergen technology and a HEPA filter which catches up 99.9% of dust and allergens. Thus, for cleaning your office or store this masterpiece is a must buy.

When it comes to the cord length, the cleaner has a 30-foot power cord which gives you an amazing comfort of cleaning the area without any pain. The vacuum has a weight around 15.5 lbs which is neither too light nor too heavy. With lots of amazing features, it can be a good gift for your loved ones. Do check the price below-

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3. Hoover C1703900 Best Commercial Bagged Vacuum

best hoover commercial bagged upright vacuum

The Hoover C1703900 is another commercial grade vacuum cleaner which comes with wind tunnel technology. The technology helps in proper lifting and removing of the embedded dirt inside the vacuum bag. The amazing that we love about this model from Hoover is that it comes with 5 height adjustment positions and it also automatically adjust it’s height according to the carpet it is used on. Therefore, when moving from hardwood floor to floor with carpet, you don’t need to worry about the height adjustment as it does the adjustments automatically thus providing you a comfortable and faster cleaning experience.

Talking about the cord length, the vacuum comes with 35-foot cord length which is quite sufficient to clean hard reach areas easily. The vacuum is also equipped with recline handles for easy cleaning under the bed, tables etc. In order to provide marking on the floor, the model comes with Urethane Wheels.

Similar to the Shark Rotator NV501, this commercial vacuum also comes with all allergens and HEPA filters which picks up to 99% of dust and give you a neat and tidy store or office space. For more information, check the link given below-

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4. Hoover C2401 Lightweight Commercial Backpack Vacuum

best backpack commercial vacuum cleaner

The next on the list comes the Hoover C2401 vacuum. This model from Hoover is considered as the best commercial backpack vacuum. It is quite lightweight with a weight of 9.2 pounds. It can be easily carried for on back for longer time and thus give you comfortable vacuuming experience. The most incomparable feature of this product is that it produces very low sound (i.e, 66dBA) and does not disturb people in the environment.

The vacuum is equipped with Hypercone filter made with HEPA media for perfect cleaning of all the dust and debris. When it comes to the cord length, the vacuum comes with extra long 48 feet cord. Note: The cord can be changed easily. Talking about the product design, the vacuum is designed to avoid chiropractor issues thereby increasing the portability of the product.

Another point worth mentioning about this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with an accessory pack which contains 6″ crevice tool, 11″ turbo floor tool, 2″ dusting brush and 4″ upholstery tool. With all the amazing features and affordable price, you also get TWO years of warranty with the product. For more information, check the button given below-

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5. BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGU1451T Pro

professional vacuum

Now let’s talk about BISSELL BGU1451T commercial vacuum cleaner. The BGU1451T is a lightweight vacuum with a weight of 12 lbs. The powerful suction of the vacuum makes it very convenient for you to clean multiple surfaces easily. With a 30-foot cord length, you can easily clean hard to reach area comfortably.

The vacuum is designed with V-rated plastics which is quite durable and gives you a complete value of your hard earned money. With a sound level of 67 Db(A), the vacuum does not disturb people sitting around and produces very low sound.

The vacuum also comes with 5 height adjustment positions which can be used to clean all type of floors. Whether you use it on hardwood floors or on carpets, it works extremely well and gives you a satisfying cleaning experience. When it comes to the path width of the vacuum cleaner, the model has 13” cleaning path width to clean all the dust properly. With all the amazing features and 0.5 ounces capacity, this commercial vacuum is best for office and stores.

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Different Types of Commercial Vacuums: Which one is for you?

Now that you have gone through the list of best-rated commercial vacuum cleaners, you might be having some doubts about which one should I buy? Should I go with backpack vacuum or should I buy an upright vacuum or even having some doubts about canister vacuum. Here we’ll try to make things as simple as we can so that you better understand about which commercial vacuum is best for you?

Types of Vacuum

Backpack: This is the type of commercial vacuum in which you can tie the vacuum at the back as same as you carry the backpack. These types of vacuum cleaners are generally made to reduce the amount of strain while using the cleaner for a longer period of time. These commercial cleaners are perfect for use in factories, big stores etc. 

✓ Upright: Upright vacuums are those vacuums which have their motor and brushes at the bottom of the vacuum and user has to push it ahead in order to clean the debris from the surface. These vacuums generally do more noise than canister vacuums but when compared against price, then these are quite cheaper than the canister vacuums. 

✓ Canister: Talking about the canister vacuum, the nozzle used for cleaning the debris is placed at the end of the cleaning wand and the complete mechanism is attached to the unit through a hose. Canister vacuums are quite easy to carry as they are quite lightweight. Also When compared to other vacuums, these vacuums produce lesser noise than upright vacuums. 

So, these were the most popular type of commercial vacuum cleaner that you can buy to clean your stores or office spaces. We recommend you to go with canister vacuums for commercial purposes as they are lightweight and produces very low sound.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum For Commercial Use

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind before you purchase your next or first vacuum for cleaning offices or large stores. We have mentioned the important factors below that can help you to take a wise decision and get the complete value of your money.

1. Cord length

Cord length of the vacuum matters a lot when it comes to buying a new vacuum. We recommend you to buy a commercial vacuum which has at least 30 foot of cord length. The longer the cord length, the easy it makes for you to clean large spaces.

2. Capacity

The capacity of a vacuum is how much amount of debris it can clean at one time. Greater the capacity of vacuum, more it can clean easily. Having a larger capacity helps in saving your time and gives you a satisfying cleaning experience. Generally, vacuums come with 0.5 ounce of capacity which is quite enough to clean medium to large areas. But if you are lucky enough to get a vacuum of capacity more than this, then definitely check that out.

3. Filter Technology

The type of filter that a vacuum has is also a crucial point that is to be considered while selecting the top commercial vacuum. We recommend you to buy a vacuum which has HEPA filters. These type of filters ensure cleaning debris and dust particles up to 99% and thus give you a great vacuuming experience.


So these were some of the best commercial vacuum that you can buy to make your cleaning process a lot simpler than ever before. Also if you have any doubt, then do comment below. We’ll try to sovle your queries ASAP 🙂

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