Amazon has always worked together in order to make sure the safety of the user isn’t at stake. And now, the company is working on to make certain the Alexa would keep your home secure while you are not there.

According to sources, Amazon has just announced the release of its Alexa Guard service, clearly anticipated to boost your home security systems. But how does it work? It’s very simple. All you have to do is to enable it and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant watch over your home for you. That being said, the security of your house is not in your voice command.

When you are going out, just let Alexa know by saying, “Alexa, I am leaving,” and the rest will be taken care of as the virtual assistant will enable the Alexa Guard System.

From the time you are out to the time you get back in, Alexa will keep a strong eye on the house, listening for the signs of breaking and entering. If Alexa senses something fishy, it will send you a notification along with a sound clip of whatever she has heard to your phone. You can also let Alexa send you a notification regarding your security system provider if you have any.

If you are out for a long time, Alexa will manage the lightings of your house to look like the owner is still in the house, making it difficult for a burglar to even think of getting in there. This will happen only if you own smart lightings.

Amazon also plans to add a few more smart security systems to the Alexa Guard. For news, update visit Amazon section. 

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