Acer’s Aspire R 15 model is one of the finest models in its category of laptops. Along with the fine technology embedded within it, Aspire R 15 has also been crafted well. It is light, easy to handle and good-looking. The user has the dual option of using the keyboard and the touchscreen which makes it a perfect fit for artists. The screen is 360 degree foldable giving you complete freedom to choose the posture suited to you. A gunmetal gray aluminum cover provides a sleek look.

So, it is a feature-rich system with the latest components and a highly impressive configuration. A student who needs to work on his project and avid gamer would generally find this system fulfilling their requirements and expectations fully.

So, if you end up buying this model, will you be satisfied, dissatisfied or overjoyed with its performance? That’s, obviously, the question worth the price of this model. So, let’s explore it by first looking at the benefits this laptop brings to the customer. Below is the detailed review of Acer Aspire R 15, we recommend you to read it till the end.


  • 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor

  • 256 GB SSD

  • 12 GB DDR4 memory

  • Windows 10 (64 bit)

  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX gaming card with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM

Acer aspire r 15 review - is it the right budget laptop?


The laptop comes in a beautiful steel gray color which is both on the exterior and also on the deck. This feature gives it a unique look. While the body of the laptop is relatively light and easy to carry, having a 15.6 inches screen means that the laptop is bigger in dimension compared to some of the more compact version. The weight of 4.74 pounds is quite manageable and shouldn’t be too difficult to carry. This may not be a big problem for those who like to use their laptop as television since they need a big screen but those mainly use the laptop as a mobile device to carry along, it may be an issue.

The most eye-catching feature of the laptop undoubtedly is its flexibility. Being a 360 degree convertible, it is a great option for people who use their laptop for multiple purposes. In its normal position, it can be a laptop ideal for writers, surfing the net, exploring the files in your system, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to watch a movie while you are sitting somewhere and don’t have a table, you can fold the laptop to put it in the tent posture and easily view any movie or video that you are interested in.

A third option is the tablet mode. By turning your screen 360 degree, you can effectively use this PC as a tablet and do your important work without any discomfort or hindrance. These multiple modes make this laptop extremely convenient and versatile for all those who buy it.

There is also the display mode wherein you can fold the laptop in such a way that it can be placed upon its keyboard and the screen be brought closer to you. This will enhance your viewing experience.


With 15.6 inches in size, the screen of the computer is big enough to give a comfortable viewing experience. However, if you want a compact laptop, the size of 14.6 x 10.1 x 0.8 inches may be bigger than your liking.

1920 x 1080 is the max resolution for this system. Due to the high resolution and widescreen, this laptop is brilliantly suited for watching movies and television shows. With such a high resolution, every little detail would be abundantly clear to you. 

The display screen is a bit too reflective. While you will get to see high-definition pictures, the reflections on the screen may act as a disturbance, especially in the daytime. Seeing your own reflection on the screen while you are trying to focus on the movie may be somewhat disconcerting.

The model possesses high-quality graphics coprocessor as well. For all those who play games that contain high-definition graphics, their joy would be taken to a whole new level thanks to the NVIDIA graphics card that makes even the heaviest games function smoothly.


The Storage of the laptop is managed by a 256GB SSD. This is actually comparatively low to the capacity of hard drives that are available these days. But by giving more importance to speed and efficiency over data capacity, the company has given a good option to people who don’t require vast space. If you are primarily looking to buy a laptop with then SSD, then you definitely check out this post on our website. 

12 GB DDR4 RAM is quite impressive and very efficient. The total memory capacity may be comparatively lesser but with this much RAM, you would get good speed.

At a time when laptops with 1 TB memory are becoming common, 256 GB doesn’t look that impressive. However, one must remember that not everyone has the need for a large database. This is probably why Acer has skimped on the memory while having a top processor.

The hard drive has been found to be a bit slow. Again, with an i7 processor, this problem would get resolved partially but there may still be occasions when it leads to some frustration.

If, however, you do want to store lots of high-definition movies or games or both, the relatively small memory may be a problem.


The processor installed in this computer is Intel’s 7th generation Core i7 with 2.7 GHz. This is among the latest and fastest processors in the market today and is known for its excellent speed and efficiency.

NVIDIA’s GeForce 940MX graphics coprocessor is among the best available in the market. So, those who are avid gamers will find this quite satisfying.

With the 7th generation i7 processor, the efficiency of the computer would be exceptional. The computer loads easily on startup and takes minimum time in the completion of tasks or the execution of commands.


The keyboard of the Aspire R 15 comes with backlight and is good when it comes to its responsiveness. It possesses good tactile qualities which make it quite convenient for operators to use. This model has the additional feature of having a touch-screen as well. It functions smoothly without any glitches.

The touchpad has dimensions of 4.2 x 3.0 inches and doesn’t have separately marked buttons. This touchpad contains a finger print reader which enable you to log in with just the touch of your finger. It also contains Acer’s very own patented ExoAmp antenna which enhances its ability to receive wireless signals. But that’s not the only wireless-related feature that makes this computer more valuable.

It also has 2x2 MU-MIMO technology which allows the system to have ultra-fast speeds of wireless connection. This laptop possesses a battery life of 9 hours which is quite a lot.

Aspire R 15’s sound system comes with Acer True Harmony High-Performance Sound System and the system contains two built-in speakers as well as a subwoofer and built dual microphones which are also built-into the system. This laptop comes with three USB ports. Two of them are USB 3.0 enabled while the remaining is USB 2.0.


If we compare this model to its rival from other brand, Acer’s Aspire R 15 turns out to be quite a good value for money. There are other models which combine similar configurations but either their price would be slightly higher or one of the corresponding components would be of lower quality.

What the manufacturers of this model have done is giving prominence to the speed and efficiency of the laptop. This reflects in the choice of the processor as well as the RAM capacity. They have realised that most people can make do with just 256 GB memory and would find a 1 TB hard drive as excessively spacious.

By keeping the memory down but the processor quality high, they have created a model that is more affordable. It’s also easier to carry around compared to its rivals from other brands like Dell, Toshiba and HP.


It can be said with great certainty that this laptop is highly useful for young people. They can enjoy their games, thanks to the graphics card and would also be able to enjoy their movies and television shows without needing much space for keeping it.

So, think about your priorities. Is it space or is its fast performance. If it is the latter, then in its category, Acer’s Aspire R 15 is a great choice to opt for. At a reasonable price and full of unique attributes, this laptop would make any youngster very happy.

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